My healthy future

What will healthcare look like twenty years from now?


This project examined the expected impact of science and technology on health twenty years into the future and drew on extensive research and expert consultation to review the opportunities, policy context, and wider social and health service impacts of anticipated changes.

Our healthy future presents our vision of what the future of health could look like and identifies issues and actions to help the policy-makers of today make preparations to realise this potential - and avoid the pitfalls.

This short report outlines the features of a future health system underpinned by science and technology and calls for alliances of stakeholders to support responsible design and effective delivery of health innovations.

Background materials

During the project we held three roundtable discussions focussed on our three key themes, and four workshops on the life stages. A suite of materials were produced as background to the project and the workshops and roundtables.

We thank the WYNG Foundation for generously supporting this research programme. 

Views expressed in the My Healthy Future documents and reports including Our Healthy Future do not necessarily reflect those of the WYNG Foundation.


our healthy future

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