Independent response to House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Genomic Medicine report


In July 2009, the UK House of Lords Science and Technology Committee published Genomic Medicine, a report looking at advances in genomics and their implications for health care, and calling for the development of a strategic vision for genomic medicine in the UK.

The excellent and interesting report by the PHG Foundation, a copy of which I have. We have noted that report with considerable interest. The Human Genomics Strategy Group has been asked to note the recommendations in that report as part of its work to develop a strategic vision.

Earl Howe To the House of Lords

The PHG Foundation, which provided evidence cited in the original report, subsequently led an initiative to produce an independent expert response, in collaboration with the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) at the University of Cambridge. This Independent Response sets out the findings from a group of scientists, clinicians, policy makers and experts in ethics, law and social science, and their key recommendations for the strategic development and successful implementation of genomic medicine within the UK, aimed at Government and other policy groups.

The original PHG Submission to the Committee is available here.

By Caroline Wright, Hilary Burton, Ron Zimmern, Alison Hall and Corinna Alberg

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