Genetics and mainstream medicine: service development and integration


Genetics and mainstream medicine sets out a new strategy for the most effective use of genomic knowledge and technologies to benefit patients in different clinical specialties, from cardiology and ophthalmology to neurology and nephrology. It proposes that diffusion from clinical genetics to other areas is not sufficient, and that mainstream medicine must incorporate genetics into their own standard practices instead. Regional genetics services should play a key leadership role.

The work that forms the basis of this report was originally funded by the UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN), but the recommendations are the independent view of the PHG Foundation.

A workshop to discuss and take forward the findings of this report was held for invited experts at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in London on 20 June 2011. This event was organised by the Joint Committee on Medical Genetics of the Royal College of Physicians, Royal College of Pathologists and British Society for Human Genetics, in conjunction with the PHG Foundation and the National Genetics Education and Development Centre.

By Hilary Burton

Genomics and policy news

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