Citizen generated data and health: predictive prevention of disease

With increasing digitisation it is time to consider how data, collected from outside the health system, can improve the effective delivery of healthcare


Citizen generated data (CGD) is a collective term for the data generated by people outside health systems. It can provide insights into health and wellbeing which could contribute to prediction and prevention of disease, or at least limiting its impact.

The PHG Foundation’s new report, which draws on research and expert insights, examines in detail the prospects for using CGD for health, and specifically to support predictive prevention of disease – an approach that uses science and technology to offer a more personalised assessment of risk and targeted interventions to keep people well, for longer. This is widely acknowledged to be vital for a sustainable NHS.

The depth and variety of CGD covers the full spectrum of the health sector, from public health and social care to primary and hospital-based care. Citizen generated data and health: predictive prevention of disease outlines essential policy considerations to support the development of cooperative strategies for optimising the future use of CGD for predictive prevention.

The report is free to download.

By Sarah Cook, Tanya Brigden, Sobia Raza, Alison Hall, Laura Blackburn

Genomics and policy news

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