Comment from representative to Science & Technology Committee Genomics and Genome Editing Inquiry

By Alison Hall

7 March 2017


PHG Foundation will give oral evidence to Science & Technology Committee Genomics and Genome Editing Inquiry on Wednesday 8 March. The evidence session is due to examine ethical and data implications of genomics and the 100,000 Genomes Project.

Update: Watch the evidence session here

PHG Foundation’s Head of Humanities, Alison Hall, who is also the current chair of the British Society for
Genetic Medicine (BSGM) Ethics and Policy Committee, has provided a general comment to journalists
ahead of the session, based on the consultation response submitted by PHG.

Genomics has potential to transform healthcare through increased personalisation which could help to ensure better, safer care. As the NHS moves to facilitate this transformation through modernising existing services and embedding the 100,000 Genomes Project into practice, the PHG Foundation welcomes this detailed scrutiny from the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee. Of the range of issues that merit prompt attention, promoting effective genetic and genomic data sharing within the NHS, supported by proportionate security measures and appropriate consent would help deliver the greatest health benefit for patients.

Alison Hall, Head of Humanities:

Alison is available for further comment and interview before or after the morning evidence session. Other
PHG Foundation specialists will be available to comment on any of the matters arising after the session.


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