Policy impact

Over recent years, we have sought changes to accelerate and improve the use of genomics and other technologies for more personalised healthcare. Our 2015 Health Innovation Manifesto called on the UK Government to:

  • Champion the use of personal data for the public good and encourage transparency about data sharing
  • Create a national genomic database and systems for safe and secure NHS data collection, curation and sharing
  • Combat disease with personalised prevention approaches based on useful data and technologies
  • Engage patients and the public in discussion about genomics and personalised medicine
  • Embed genomics and digital health in mainstream medicine, prioritising workforce education
  • Enable rapid evaluation and implementation of useful innovations across the NHS

Policy achievements


Genome UK implementation plan for 2022-25 with focus on sequencing for newborns, personalised cancer diagnosis and infectious diseases

Data saves lives strategy sets out plans to build NHS data and digital infrastructure and public trust in data use to improve disease prevention, healthcare and research

Goldacre review makes recommendations for the better use of health data for research


National Genomic Healthcare Strategy introduces long-term policy plans for predictive, preventative and personalised healthcare


NHS Genomic Medicine Service launched including national database and test directory

Topol Review recommendations for health professional and public education in genomic and digital health technologies

NHSX established to lead digital transformation of the NHS and empower patients to take greater control of their own healthcare

Public dialogue on genomic medicine led by Ipsos MORI and Genomics England

Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s with personalised prevention a central pillar of aims to introduce intelligent public health

NHS Long Term Plan including measures to make better use of data and technologies, improve prevention and equip the NHS workforce


Genomics and genome editing in the NHS recommendations including workforce education, digital transformation, and public awareness of genomic medicine and data sharing


Generation Genome - report of the Chief Medical Officer including endorsement of personalised prevention

Health Data Research UK – set up to promote and enable data sharing

Genomics and policy news

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