Cambridge think tank tells next Government it must 'go further' on health

By Rebecca Bazeley

14 May 2017


Ahead of the General Election, PHG Foundation urges a new Government to go further to support innovative changes in health systems and engage citizens in efforts to protect and improve their health.

In an open letter to politicians, written as we review our 2015 Health Innovation Manifesto, we outline how the next Government can ensure accurate science, enabled by new technologies, delivers better health for citizens now and in the future.

Specifically and urgently, to combat the fallout of increased uncertainty in health research and development following the Brexit decision, a new Government must:

  • Clarify regulatory requirements for biomedical, pharmaceutical and technological research pertaining to health

In the medium term, the new Government must take radical action to:

  • Champion the sharing of personal data for the public good, whilst providing proportionate safeguards
  • Engage citizens in efforts to protect and improve their health

PHG Foundation Director, Hilary Burton said

Good health is important to all citizens but too many miss out on the fantastic potential of new technologies to diagnose and treat disease. We are asking a new Government to push forward with radical changes for healthcare that puts individuals at the centre and builds on our greater understanding of science to provide high quality healthcare for the 21st century.

Read the full letter here

As the new Government is formed, we will be publishing a reviewed and refreshed Health Innovation Manifesto on our website. Our current manifesto is here

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