Dr Hayley Carr

Policy Analyst (Biomedical Science)

Hayley recently joined PHG as a policy analyst in biomedical science after her PhD at the University of Birmingham on early inflammatory arthritis, through which she developed expertise in transcriptomics and an interest in data science. During her PhD she undertook an internship at the Academy of Medical Sciences in their policy team and it was there that she developed an interest in health policy. She was involved in several projects during the internship, including organising a roundtable on regulatory science, writing a consultation response on Horizon Europe and data adequacy, and undertaking scoping on the decarbonisation of medical research.

Hayley joined PHG to combine her interests in policy and novel technologies and to help enable the adoption of these technologies into the healthcare system. She also holds a BSc in Cancer Biology and Immunology from the University of Bristol.

Genomics and policy news

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