Accelerating genomic medicine in the NHS: a new era?

17 October 2022


On 12 October 2022, NHS England (NHSE) has released a new strategy setting out plans to embed genomics into national health service: Accelerating genomic medicine in the NHS. This includes both the longer-term vision for genomics, and commitments to the practical steps NHS England will undertake to achieve these goals over the next five years.

Speaking at the first NHS Genomics Healthcare Summit in London, NHSE Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard hailed this development as the beginning of a ‘new era of genomic medicine’ and commented: “I am delighted that the pioneering work of the NHS’ Genomic Medicine Service is transforming the way we diagnose and treat patients in England”.

Responding to the new strategy, PHG Foundation Director Dr Mark Kroese said:

“The PHG Foundation warmly welcomes the new plans to accelerate genomic medicine for the benefit of patients and citizens. For 25 years, we have been advocates for the potential of genomic data and technologies for improvements in disease prevention, diagnosis and management. However, science and technology in themselves are not enough to deliver these health benefits, and it is therefore of particular value that robust policies and implementation plans support their proper application within health services. We are delighted to see the commitments and actions for the future of genomic medicine set out by NHS England, and look forward to following progress towards these important goals."

Further analysis of the new strategy document can be found here.

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