Celebrating 25 years of making science work for health

We are celebrating 25 years as pioneers working where good science meets effective public health policy

For 25 years the PHG Foundation has worked tirelessly to make new science work for health, not just in the UK but also around the world. Dr Ron Zimmern’s vision for fulfilling the promise of genome-based technology to improve population health is getting closer and closer to reality.

Muin J. Khoury, Director - Office of Genomics and Precision Public Health, CDC

Our extensive portfolio showcases our vision for better, more personalised healthcare based on genomics and other emerging health technologies - for the benefit of all. 

As well as pioneering the use of genomics for public and population health, world-firsts from the PHG Foundation include our original genetics futures scenario project for the Nuffield Trust (2000), a comprehensive assessment of the clinical impact of next-generation genome sequencing technologies (2011); and a unique analysis of steps needed to build on UK excellence in infectious disease genomics for public health (2015).

To mark this special occasion, we held an invitation-only policy summit and gala dinner on 20 April. Find out more about the speakers and topics here

Words such as ‘rigorous’, ‘honest’ and ‘comprehensive’ may not sound very exciting, but they are the foundation of our reputation for trustworthiness and the reliability of our strategic analyses and actionable policy insights. This solid reputation has forged successful collaborations with multiple national and international organisations such as the NHS, Genomics England, and the Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics. Now, as a linked charity of the University of Cambridge associated with the School of Clinical Medicine, we are proud to be the world's only policy think tank focused solely on science for health.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders across health policy and practice and academic and commercial research for supporting us for the last 25 years in our efforts to accelerate your work, from developing great science to making healthcare better.

The PHG Foundation has successfully established itself at the forefront of genomic public policy, not only in the UK, but globally. It is now a go to place for newcomers, and experts alike, seeking to formulate policies on the latest genomic developments. 

Prof Yann Joly, Research Director - Centre of Genomics and Policy, McGill University

Our mission continues: to help make the best use of new genomics and ‘omics linked  technologies. Our reliable, real-world intelligence and appraisals explain for decision makers how complex science can best benefit individual and population health, and the factors necessary to make it happen. We are excited to be informing and shaping effective policy that aims to deliver better health for all.

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