National Data Guardian for health and care's review of data security, consent and opt-outs

Consultation response

The National Data Guardian for Health and Care (NDG) review of data security, consent and opt-outs makes recommendations  aimed at strengthening the safeguards for keeping health and care information secure and ensuring the public can make informed choices about how their data is used. 

The NDG proposes new data security standards for the NHS and social care, a method for testing compliance against the standards, and a new opt-out to make clear how people’s health and care information will be used and in what circumstances they can opt out. The review was sent out for public consultation on 6 July 2016. 

PHG Foundation welcomes the publication of this review and supports its objective to address the question of what more can be done to build trust in how the NHS and social care services look after people’s data and use it.  We do however have significant concerns about the proposed consent  / opt-out model as we believe it fails to address the fundamental public concerns, it may not necessarily foster the trust it seeks to build, and could threaten the future delivery of better, personalised healthcare.

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