Consultation response: Developing the long term plan for the NHS

From its founding in 1948, the NHS has been the heart of healthcare in the UK. Much has changed since those post-war years both socially and politically, but it is advances in science and technology that are changing healthcare the most.

Consultation response

In August 2018, NHS England announced their intention to develop a long term plan for the NHS. As part of this process, they requested consultation responses from organisations with expertise and insight into the future of healthcare.

In our response PHG Foundation has focussed on a wide variety of topics, opportunities and potential pitfalls, including:

  • The considerable opportunities for new and emerging technologies to support more effective patient engagement with personalised self-management
  • The importance of developments in digital pathology to cancer treatment
  • Concerns about equity of access to personalised therapies on the basis of cost
  • The adoption of a shared digital infrastructure and data entry standards, without which, the benefits of genomic medicine, AI and other related technologies will be missed

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