Accelerated Access Review - interim report

Consultation response

The NHS faces a massive practical and financial burden in the form of rapidly increasing health needs and demands, as a result of factors including the ageing population, rising patient expectations, and new technological opportunities. The PHG Foundation believes that more personalised healthcare can deliver solutions to these issues via:

  • An increased focus on disease prevention, including more personalised prevention
  • More personalised care and treatment, including greater patient involvement in care
  • Harnessing new technologies that can make care more personalised and effective

The broad aim of the Accelerated Access Review, to speed up access to innovative drugs, devices and diagnostics for NHS patients, is therefore in line with our own belief in the potential value of the life sciences and digital health technologies to deliver improvements in healthcare. 

In our response to the interim report from the Accelerated Access Review, we set out our perspective and recommendations on the proposals of the report.

Accelerated Access Review

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