Annual review 2021

Over the last year, the imperative to harness science and technology and provide practical solutions to real-world health issues has been further underlined. We have seen some remarkable developments in diagnostics, vaccines and treatments; in digital transformation; and in the use of new forms of non-invasive and near-patient testing and remote monitoring.

Throughout 2021, the PHG Foundation team worked on a range of policy issues, from the prospects for new areas of science to benefit health, and new applications of current technologies, to the ethical and legal implications of  biomedical developments. Besides our own horizon-scanning, research and analysis, we added perspective and value to the efforts of several important national and global partner organisations.

The Foundation is supported by a distinguished Board of Trustees, who provide strategic oversight and guidance. In 2021 we said goodbye to Ian Peacock, who stood down as a Board member after more than ten years; he was an unfailing source of invaluable advice and scrutiny, and will be greatly missed. We were however delighted to welcome Andrew Hutton as a new trustee. He is currently a member of the Governing Body of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine, a Director of the Brunner Investment Trust and has extensive experience in the financial sector.

As we enter 2022, our own 25th anniversary year, it is clear that our ongoing mission to support policy makers in making science work for health remains as important as ever. With pressing health system and public health challenges ahead, we will continue to provide the ideas, insights and intelligence that will help put innovative solutions into practice.

Dr. Mark Kroese - Director

Genomics and policy news

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