Annual review 2020

2020 was an exceptional year for everyone; it was humbling to see the NHS, public health, social care, research and policy communities work so hard to meet the extreme challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The last year is a dramatic demonstration of the importance of science for health. Genomics has been critical to national and global policy responses. The UK genomics community has made remarkable contributions to our understanding of the nature and behaviour of the virus, and the best ways to fight it. 

I am pleased that the PHG Foundation team, working diligently and largely remotely throughout the year, has been able to continue to analyse and explain both the healthcare potential and policy issues posed by the fast-emerging science – in infectious disease genomics, and much more besides. 

For now, we are still grappling with the immediate impact of the pandemic, but as we move forwards the long-term lessons and implications for healthcare must be considered. Genomics and associated technologies also offer us new answers and opportunities to protect and improve health for people and populations. The PHG Foundation will continue to bring our multi-disciplinary expertise to bear on informing and influencing relevant policy and decision-making, and helping science deliver for health.

Dr. Mark Kroese - Director

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