Personalised medicine: hope, hype and pitfalls

5 October 2017

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Venue: Cambridge

Precision cancer medicine is increasingly able to offer specially targeted treatments to patients with certain mutations in their tumours - but what about the patients for whom these ‘hope-laden’ treatments are not suitable? How should we address the moral and societal issues related to these patients?

Join us on 5 October to hear from Professor Joshua Hordern of the Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership as he examines the hopes and pitfalls along the path of personalised medicine for which intelligent exploration and consensus will be needed to maximise patient benefit.

Joshua is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford; he will look through the lens of theology and philosophy to scrutinise the promise of personalised medicine and pose practical questions for all those involved.

Listen, discuss, debate and enjoy networking drinks with us on 5 October.

This event is free to attend, but advance booking is essential 

Prof Joshua Hordern

Joshua Hordern was appointed Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Oxford in 2012. He leads the multi-disciplinary Wellcome Trust/AHRC funded Oxford Healthcare Values Partnership ( which collaborates with healthcare bodies including the Stratification in Colorectal Cancer Consortium, the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal College of Physicians where Joshua sits on the Committee for Ethical Issues in Medicine.

Publications include a coedited open access special journal issue entitled Personalised Medicine:The Promise, the Hype and the Pitfalls (The New Bioethics, 2017) and Political Affections: Civic Participation and Moral Theology (OUP, 2013). He is currently working on a new book entitled Compassion in Healthcare: Practical Policy for Civic Life to be published by OUP.

Who should attend?

Whether you are a health professional or a potential patient, scientist or sociologist, if you have an interest in the theological, ethicalor policy implications of new developments in precision and personalised medicine, this event is for you.

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